Topic: Preaching at Fast Food Restaurants

Occasionally I notice workers taking longer than usual to fill my order. I have done this several times in different cities and states. I preach main tenants of the gospel while waiting for my order to be filled. Sometimes I notice little or no effect on the behavior of the workers. In this case my preaching is not bothering them or others around me enough to change their behavior. However, other times like this morning, my preaching got them to immediately prioritize my order and get it to me.

And today, as I waited for my order to be filled, a servant of Satan was pounding on a structure in the attic above the worker's area. After each thud, I heard a threatening voice in my head, each message directing me not to put anything on the internet. Knowing it hurts some of Satan's servants to hear the gospel, I began preaching main tenants of the gospel. The banging from the attic stopped, and the workers promptly processed my food order. Having seen this a number of times before, I have surmised the ones being hurt by the gospel, (whether in the attic, the workers, or the customers), complain or direct the other workers to get me my food in an effort to stop me from preaching the gospel. I have never been asked to stop preaching like this in a fast food restaurant. And I know they communicate regarding all of this by their thoughts, as I have observed this many times. Which is to say, their communicating by thought can be determined by observation.

Re: Preaching at Fast Food Restaurants

I just noticed minutes ago someone "closed" the above post.  I re-opened it.  There are no other members of assigned administrative authority to close anything. And so I conclude at least one of Satan's servants has gained some level of administrative access to this forum.