Topic: Today at the Park

The weather is very nice today, the Sabbath. Sunday is not the commanded day of rest. The Lord of the Sabbath, Christ Jesus, did not change it to Sunday; man did.

I took a bus, trolly, another bus and walked to the park. The demon attacked me on the way to the park. I rested while standing until I felt better. I found a partially shaded picnic table and read aloud from the New Testament of the Holy Bible. Demons talked out of my mouth while I was reading, objecting because it hurt them. But I kept reading. And then the demon began swirling cold air around me in an attempt to get me to stop reading. I wrapped a blanket around me and kept reading. Everyone else at the park is wearing summer clothing, t-shirts, etc. I now have moved to a picnic table in the sun while still having the blanket wrapped around me. Others at the park have sought out the small amount of shade with seating available here. One group is sitting under a tent they likely brought with them.

Earlier I was mixing lemonade to drink, and the demon moved an ant onto my hand, indicating its disapproval. And as I began to look for another website to post this to, the demon moved another ant directly in my view, in an effort to stop me from doing so. The demon also has caused many other manifestations on my way to the park and since I've been here in or on my body in an effort to communicate its with precice timing with my thought, word and action.

I make this post to expose the demons inside of me, to warn others, and to make an effort to find someone who may help me. I also have a website, forum and YouTube channel for these and other reasons.