Topic: A Simple Way to Look into Another's Eyes and Tell

It is best to light up an eye without any other direct lighting that could cause unwanted reflections on the eye. Doing this in the dark or low lighting would be best for the same reason an optomitrist uses a dark room or low lighting. And so it is best NOT have the person facing any other light source, like a window or overhead light.

I recommend using a $1 LED flashlight that is sold at various large retailers and bargain/dollar stores. This flashlight has 9 LEDs (weak), 3 AAA batteries, and the flashlight is sold with cases of different solid colors.  Other similar lighting may work okay.

Hold the flashlight down just below the person's chin and aim it up into one of the person's eyes at an angle. Do not hold the flashlight directly in front of the person's eye and aim it straight into the eye like a doctor or optomitrist does. Adjust the distance of the flashlight slightly and its aiming angle slightly to best get the light into the eye and light it up.

Open the eyelid of the eye (if not widely opened) to see the entire round part of the eye, the iris. Continue looking at the iris and the smaller round part of the eye within the iris; this is the pupil. It is normal for the pupil to get larger or smaller to adjust for different amounts of light.

However, the person is not human, as defined by science and medicine, if the iris or pupil is seen in some other shape, changing shape into something other than round (like a circle), or a pupil is not seen in a fixed location near the center of the iris.

This abnormal eye condition is far more common than the world has made known. The existence of this abnormality has been covered up by science, medicine, optomitry, psychiatry, pharmacy, church members, religions, governments, education, co-workers, family members, friends, strangers, etc.

Those who have human eyes, as defined by science and medicine, are being lied to and harmed by those who have eyes that are not human, as defined by science and medicine. And, this is being done around the world.

This grand cover-up is accounted for in the Holy Bible. One such passage that accounts for this is the parable of the wheat and the tares, found in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, Matthew 13:24-30.

Re: A Simple Way to Look into Another's Eyes and Tell

I have seen different looking eyes that are not scientifically, medically human. I have seen them up close in person. I have seen them from taking video of them in person. And I have seen this in video and pictures that I found on the internet, and from video and pictures that I took from TV and movies

One type is a vertical slit pupil. It would be very thin with a flashlight lighting up the eye and open up wider with darker lighting. I have reason to believe those with this type of eye can see in dark conditions better than a human. I also have reason to believe they serve Satan and can shapeshift into a being with two horns that protrude from the upper forehead area.