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I have had and have many symptoms in my body from head to toe caused by demons. I will post about them in this thread.

Waking up this morning and while still laying down, I found I have a new symptom that I have not had for about two years. I heard a loud, high pitched tone in my head, not localized in either ear. This was the same sound that I heard when one or more demons where entering my body through my left ear. Upon the demon(s) entering me, this constant, non-wavering tone (similar to ringing in the ear, tinitus), was localized in my left ear, grew louder and then was localized in both ears and my head and grew loud. This sound became less loud over time, as the demon(s) began to spread elsewhere.

Thus, upon hearing this type of sound this morning, I reasoned at least some of the demons in me have been weakened to the point of causing this high pitched tone. And so while I still have strong demons in me that are trying to kill me, this symptom is a good indicator that they have been weakened. I attribute this gain largely to my preaching the gospel yesterday in different locations, worship, praise and prayer, and my Holy Spirit, Who battles the demons with me and was strengthed by what I had done.

While typing the above, I have been under attack by demons inside of me, attacking my head, neck and below the belt area. One touched my smartphone screen a couple times causing the keyboard to retract. A demon imitated my thoughts in my mind. And I have been under attack by demons outside of me that "pound the air", making a concussion sound each time followed by me hearing their voice in my mind or feeling a manifestation caused by a demon inside of me. I have been using spiritual warfare against these attacks to minimize the demons' efforts so to finish typing this post. Please see Spiritual Warfare at and

Demons do not want me posting on the internet because I have valuable information to expose about defeating demons and Satan's kingdom. I am requesting help with this. Please see my Help Wanted page at Thank you.

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