Topic: Two Year Old Child Looks at My Holy Spirit

Riding a public bus, a two year old child looks to my right as if looking at nothing there, then looks to my left where her gaze is focused on nothing physical, then glances at my eyes and back to my left at the same location. She was looking at a demon and then my Holy Spirit.

Also the two year old's three year old sister demonstrated the ability to make extremely loud vocal noise as she played on the bus eith her sister. Their speach abilities were above their age. Neither parent exhibited this loud voice, both speaking in normal tones, considerate of others. But this three year old had to at least have lungs and a wind pipe larger than a human's, a trait of giantism, though her body size was age appropriate.

I have seen others see the spirit realm several times before, and I often see this more than once a day. I have determined before watching this child, others see my Holy Spirit on my left and at times a demon on my right, and at times the two battling.

I also once saw a male, who I already knew was seeing the spirit realm, see my Holy Spirit in line with my body about chest high. This happened shortly after I had successfully dominated the demon with spiritual warfare. I stood in front of this male and upon seeing my Holy Spirit, he responded with bewildered astonishment; his upper body swayed back and his eyes popped wide open, not knowing what to do.