Topic: A Demon Physically Tore My Pituitary Gland

About 2 or 3 years ago, one or more demons in my head physically tore a physical part of my brain, causing a divide or split. I was distressed by and felt this attack. During this attack, I saw a brief movie in my mind of a large evil face grinning. This showed me the demon's satisfaction while doing this damage to me. I also saw a brief movie in my mind of the part of my brain that was being torn. It looked similar to a heart on a playing card with the two lobes being pulled apart like tearing a sheet of paper in two. I now have identified this part of my brain as my pituitary gland.

After this I began suffering what I think psychiatry would call schizophrenic symptoms, for which I never sought "professional help". I soon became aware that I was sharing my mind with demons. And at least one demon was blocking my ability to introspect or self examine by thinking. Also, demons inside of me began to physically punished me when I attempted to access the part of my mind they have taken and continue to guard. Demons inside of me now speak out of my mouth in objection to my attempting to access that part of my mind that they now possess.