Topic: Watching Two of Them Think to Each Other

One male is working with his back to another male who is walking about 20 yards away. The walking male turned his head toward the working male and kept his head and eyes toward the other for a few seconds and then looked forward again where he was going and kept walking away. A few seconds later the working man stopped working, turned around, faced his head toward the walking man for about a second and resumed working.

The walking man was thinking his thoughts to the working man. And the working man replied with a quick thought. The sender looks at the receiver, but the receiver does not have to be looking at the sender to receive thoughts.

I also have seen two of them looking at each other and thinking their thoughts to each other.

And I recall one time where it seemed the one silent in a conversation seemed to be sending his thoughts to the one who is talking. The silent one was the higher up one in Satan's kingdom. And the one talking seemed to be lower. The two were talking about something that made no sense for them to be talking about. Them talking was a cover for them to communicate by thinking, which they did because I was sitting right near them previously talking with the higher up one (which I later learned).