Topic: Couple Shouting about Divorce Tolerated in Restaurant

This restaurant tolerated this couple's behavior because of who they were in Satan's kingdom. There's no way they would have tolerated this by any couple who was scientifically, medically human. They love their own and discriminate.

I walked into a fast food restaurant and a couple is shouting, using profanity, arguing about doing each other wrong and possible divorce. The female was inappropriately dressed, showing too much nudity. Neither had food in front of them, and the restaurant tolerated them for at least 10 minutes when it ended with the male leaving. The female asked the business if they could call her a cab, and they did. She continued waiting inside until I typed the previous sentence and then voluntarily went outside, having listened to what I was thinking as I typed.

Meanwhile, a demon inside of me retrieved a pheromone (sex) smell from the female's genitals and fed it into my nose for me to smell and breathe for a few minutes. Psychiatry would call this phantosmia, while knowing this is caused by demons.