Topic: The Right and Wrong Eyes

I have found two extremely important reasons to look into the eyes of the right kind of person.

1. If looking into the right kind of person's eyes, this helps my Holy Spirit and seriously hurts the demons inside of me, and then I benefit.

2. But if looking at the wrong kind of person's eyes, it may harm my Holy Spirit, help the demons in of me, and harm me.

And so I consider it extremely important to be around those with the right kind of eyes and away from those with the wrong kind of eyes. And there are other reasons to do this not included in this post.

I know people like me who have been married to those with the wrong kind of eyes, and they never detected it.  Some with the wrong kind of eyes do not have the ability to blink; their eyes are always open. 

There are MANY walking the earth today who look human but do not fit the definition of human as defined by science and medicine.  Please read my post about the "Parable of the Wheat and the Tares".