Topic: The World Follows the Doctrines of Demons

A doctrine of demons is anything that helps demons.  Here are a few that I thought of.

1. Cover up the existence of demonic offspring.
2. Obscure or hide the existence and nature of demons.
3. Obscure or prevent the execution of scripture from the Holy Bible against demons, including casting them out.

The world follows the doctrines of demons.  Here are a few my supporting observations.

1. The world generally teaches we are all human as science and medicine defines a human, but not so according to the Holy Bible.
2. There is no adequate puplic education about demons or outcry to do anything against them.
3. Churches do not adequately educate about demons, and generally do not cast out demons.
4. Healthcare, psychiatry and pharmaceutical businesses profit from the damage done by demons.
5. Cultures past and present worship Satan / demons.