Topic: Demon Reach Outside of My Body

The demon inside of me reaches outside of me and pulls on the bag that I carry to make the shoulder strap slip off my shoulder. I eventually put a stop to this by tying another strap onto the bag to have a strap on each shoulder. When not using this second strap, even for carrying the bag a short distance, the demon may still try pulling the bag and strap off my shoulder.

The demon (one or more) used to reach outside of my body and push on each side of my head above my temples. It sustained pressure over noticeable lengths of time. Occasionally the demon applied so much force, it caused me to stop what I was doing and apply opposing pressure (front to back) with my hands for relief from the discomfort.

I eventually made a devise with rubber exercise bands to better sustain the front to back pressure. The demon was trying to fold the top front of my head together enough to blind me. At one point the demon was pushing hard enough to make my eyes squint. I estimate the devise I made applied about 15 pounds of front to back pressure. And I estimate the demon's maximum pressure from side to side to be about 30 pounds, more than I could sustain by only using my hands. The devise helped enough to prevent the demon from doing serious harm. The top of my forehead is now more raised from the damage the demon did to my skull. Its attack was similar to using braces to move teeth - time and pressure.