Topic: Some Christians are being Targeted and Traumatized by seeing People Sh

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AlertChristians wrote:

I have witnessed several beings over the past few years in different U.S. states that look human and shapeshift in some non-human way.  And I have seen a few people clearly traumatized in public, presumably due to seeing the same. 

I contend that some Christians are being targeted by these humanoid shapeshifters.  And, I contend that a vast majority of the population is knowingly able to shapeshift.  I continue to find no one talking about this phenomenon.

There already is plenty of evidence online showing people changing shape.  Those being traumatized are not aware that this phenomenon is real and well documented.  Search online for the following to find this for yourself:  "serpent seed" and "shapeshifter reptilian".  Cain is the offspring of Satan and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and this was only the beginning.

Being able to shapeshift is due to the pollution of the gene pool as indicated in various places in the Holy Bible.  The paraple of the wheat and the tares is one.  It makes sense to me that Satan is and will be spinning this phenomenon as an outcome of aliens from outer space interbreeding with humans  to produce hybrids.