Topic: Thinking and Speaking Spiritual Warfare

What you think and speak will work for or against you. The most important point made here is you can combat demons (and others) by thinking, without speaking.

Example of combatting demons:
I say or think, one of the following:
- I destroy the demon.
- I destroy the will of the demon.
- Destroy.

I do the above usually when wiping an affected area of my body with a damp wash cloth.
I do both at the same time to physically and spiritually combat demonic attacks on my body.

Example of combatting witchcraft:
I think or say, I forbid that evil in the name of Jesus Christ.

At the same time I do the above, I usually gesture with one of my hands in the general direction of the source of the evil, but not necessarily at the person. I combat the evil sent my way and not the person sending the evil. However, there is presidence in the Holy Bible for spiritually battling those who do evil.