Topic: Demons Present Visuals to My Consciousness

The demon took a brief video of where I sat my bag down to look into it. Then a few minutes later the demon showed this momentary video to me in my mind, which made me stop and wonder where my bag was. I then immediately found it on my back with my hand.

About two years ago I became aware of the demon's ability to record sounds and replay any part of them in my mind. This started with two of the first of these demons inside of me pulsing in a back and forth manner, indicating their coordinated effort.

The demon now is doing much more, manipilating visuals.

I typed this post from a fast food restaurant while someone periodically pounded on the wall from the employee work area. Each "thud" was immediately followed by a thought heard in my mind from that person. Each thought was something like "don't put that on the internet".

Those who do this are some of Satan's higher level followers. They rely on intimidation and work to suppress the truth. They are ruthless murderers, practicing witchcraft and/or other evils to strengthen demons in people so the demons can better harm, torment and kill them. They are the seed of the enemy (tares), and they target those who are not (wheat). And I believe they especially go after those with the Holy Spirit.