Topic: Communicating by Thought in a Fast Food Restaurant

I am sitting in a fast food restaurant and was watching a female service worker and customer interact. First, I noted they were not speaking. Then I thought about this briefly, and then she looked at me and stared for a few seconds.

Seconds later she responded with an expression of recognition as though having heard someone speak to her. However, no one had said a word.

She then walked toward the keypad on the wall used to unlock the rest room for customers. I turned and saw a man waiting for the door to be unlocked to the restroom. She punched the code into the keypad, and the man entered the restroom.

Thus, the service worker had heard the thought from the man, about wanting the restroom door opened.

I see things like this practically every day showing people are communicating by thinking their thoughts to each other. This ability and practice is widespread and common, evidence of the serpent seed doctrine.