Topic: Defending Demonic Attack on My Nervous System

I recently did this while being attacked by witchcraft in a library while the demons attacked my nervous system. I have done this before and am confident in it working.
Physically, I got the attention of the demons by pounding on my upper back, below by neck, jarring my spine three to five times. Then I said something like, "I undue this work of the devil in the name of Jesus Christ." This alleviated the attack, and I proceeded to type on my smartphone.

While typing this post, I did something similar twice, since these modern day witch doctors in this library continued fighting against me, stregthening the killer demons inside of me. Each time I pointed my finger like an angry parent in the direction of the tapping sounds they make that are associated with the evil they do. And I said something like, "I forbid this evil in the name of Jesus Christ." This toned down the demons, and I proceeded typing