Topic: They Pass and Shoot Demons by Looking at a Person

I know from first hand experience what I am writing.

Passing and shooting of demons is when a servant of Satan, who is a "seed of the enemy", has demons leave their body with intent on having them enter another person's body. Those passing and shooting demons are not scientifically, medically human. They are the "seed of the enemy", Satan. Passing and shooting are terms that I have come up with and use as identifiers of these behaviors.

I have witnessed them having eyes that do not look human, some looking serpent (snake) like and others looking like a reptile's eyes, and some with pupils that are not round. They are all capable of shapeshifting, or they are using advanced holographic technology to create a human disguise to cover their true appearance. I know these to be reptilians, reptile looking beings that walk upright with two legs. The shapeshifters can change shape into hideous looking beings. They have children with those who are scientifically, medically human, like me. See the parable of the wheat and the tares for how this is addressed in the Holy Bible (in part).

The intended person to receive the demons can be another servant of Satan who has the same ability to pass demons, or it can be a person who does not have this ability, such as myself, the person being "shot". And I am scientifically, medically human.

I have seen this passing and shooting behavior many times over the past few years. I have seen them passing demons from one to another for the purpose of transporting them to the one who is in the best position to "shoot" their intended target. This often has been me, but I also have seen them shooting demons at others. I have witnessed those doing this to be small clildren to adults in positions such as: delivery driver, donation worker, fast food service worker, and homeless shelter food service worker.

I have felt demons entering me after having been "shot" from someone who looks human. I have felt demons enter me within a few seconds after a child of about age three look at me in an elevator with an intense, fixed stare for only a few seconds. This is constent with how I have seen them shoot demons. A brief stare at their target, and the prefer looking at the target's eyes. I have seen them do strange things or make strange noises to get the attention of their target - to get them to look at them. And they seem to prefer shooting at close range.

I saw a child no older than two in a stroller, looking around a room with great interest, like an adult would scan a room trying to find their child. This child's mother commented something like, she's always wanting me to bring her over to meet new people. The reason the child always wants to see new people is to shoot demons at them with intent for the demons to enter them. I overheard a man explain to his son of the age of puberty that he will feel a tickle at the corner of his nose from time to time to make their desire to enter known. And he advised his son to give a little sniff to help "them" in.

There are two seeds in the world. Those who walk the earth are not all created equal. Read the parable of the wheat and the tares in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, and read the explanation of this parable the Lord Jesus Christ provides.

What can a person do to prevent receiving demons in this way? The blood of the Lamb, forgiveness, righteousness - outside the scope of this post. If you're not in right standing with God, your sinful condition leaves you open for having demons enter you, whether they are shot at you or enter you on their own. Demons have an intense desire to enter a person, cause sickness or harm. This world is Satan's kingdom, and his servants include demons and those who walk the earth as imitation people - tares.

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