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My entries in this thread will not be made in the same order as when the demons have done anything to me.

Weeks ago I started noticing random images of past memories being flashed into my mind, like very brief daydreams. Each had nothing to do with what I was doing, and there was nothing around me that might lead me to recall such memories. I attributed this to the demons and later concluded these demons were cataloging my memories.

And now I know why the demons were doing this. They now create run on associative thinking. For example, I think of A and the demons append thoughts or images B, C and D. This seems to happen more when I am tired and the demons are stronger. Another example is I see a woman in public dressed inappropriately, which is a common sight in South Florida. And not interested in taking in the view, I look away. But the demons now interject images of the woman doing a sex act. I have been celibate for five years, but now have demons raping my mind with pornographic images.

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I came to the library today to post on the internet with one of their computers. Immediately I began to feel effects of witchcraft or some evil art being practiced against me, during and after hearing the noticeable strikes against a solid object in the building by those doing this to me. And, as I began to type a few verses of scripture, my abdomen involuntarily contracted with the intensity of doing a sit up. It then released and I heard a voice in my head that I recognized as being a demon saying something like, "do not put this on the internet".

Satan's servants who walk the earth, the witchcraft they practice against me and the demons that are inside of me are working together against me, to keep me off the internet and to kill me. These people, Satan's servants, are murderers. They do their evil in libraries that I have been to. And if there isn't one of them in a library, like a smaller one, someone in the library who also is able to identify me (a wheat) as being different from them (a tare) tries to get one of them in the library to attack me with witchcraft or evil arts. I am under attack by these imitation people (tares) as I type. See the parable of the wheat and the tares in the Holy Bible.

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Demons reverse things in my mind.

The demons inside of me gained the ability to begin doing this against me weeks ago. I would look up at the sky during the daytime to get my bearings, North, South, East and West. And the demons would switch this in my head, reversed.

Something like this happened the other day. I was doing a simple subtraction problem in my head regarding money, like 16 plus 9. But the demon reversed my thinking to 16 minus 9. I tried a couple times to resolve this. And then cleared my head of the demon's effect, and solved the math problem.

I clear or offset the demon's effects with physical and/or spiritual techniques. Please see Spiritual Warfare for ways of doing this.

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The demons inside of me work as a team, like a pack of wolves. They cause a variety of manifestations in an effort to communicate its will, control and kill me. One location on my body that it typically uses to communicate its disapproval is my anus. It can cause a variety of manifestations and sensations in this area. Demons are evil.

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The first symptom for having these demons is yawning when praying, reading the Holy Bible or talking with someone about Jesus Christ. Yawning may also occur when worshipping, praising, and hearing the gospel preached.

The demon has established a yawning reflex that it uses for self defense. Demons are evil and are hurt by such spiritually nourishing activities. The demon causes yawning in an attempt to stop the person from continuing.

I post about this with first hand experience with myself and seeing this in others. Children are susceptible to having these demons, as they can be passed from the mother before birth.

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Some demons inside of me speak in my mind. And one thing it does is it narrates as though it is telling me what a person is thinking as I notice someone. For example, I looked up from typing and noticed a man staring at me, which is not uncommon. And then the demon narrates about what this person is thinking in an attempt to have me assume it is my Holy Spirit offering helpful information. Demons are evil deceivers.

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The demons inside of me are fog or blank out my short term memory. For example, I think of something to write about or do for my website or this forum, and by the time I have gotten my smartphone ready, I am no longer able to recall what I was going to do.

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The demon flashcards memories. The demon has raped my mind to make these flashcards of my memories, and brings them into my consciousness. The demon can do this one after the other. And the demon often does this in response do whatever I am looking at.

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The demon has interferred, made it physically difficult, and significantly shortened my prayers, praising and worshipping for about two years. For about five years the demon has been physically attacking me in supernatural ways that I had never known could happen. Although in hindsight, now able to recognize and recall previous attacks and interactions with demons, I am aware of demons being around and inside of me since childhood.

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The demons move either of my feet and/or lower leg when walking. The demon "sees" small variations in the surfaces that I walk on, and it causes my left foot to mis-step to communicate "no" or "disapproval", and does so with my right foot to communicate "yes" or "approval".

The demon stubs my foot into a raised area beneath my foot. This is done by lowering the front of my foot and lowering my leg down slightly. It doesn't take much movement by the demon to stub my shoe into the sidewalk or where ever. And, the demon will raise my foot above a lowered area beneath my foot to cause me to "short step" a lower elevation, even if very small.

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A Partial List of What the Demon Does to Me
The demon uses a strategy that I call pinwheeling.
It usually uses one of these attack modes at a time, to allocate more resources. But it can do more than one when strong enough.
- Nerve jaw pain, roots and nerves of teeth
- Neck and upper shoulder muscle tension and nerve pain
- Sleepiness, caused by reintroducing sleep inducing chemicals that it withdrew sometime earlier
- Foot and lower leg attack on nerves and skin, flesh
- Jock itch, assisted by insulating the affected area from air flow by using power of the air
- Athlete's foot
- Attacks with one or more insects that it controls
- Attacks by forming (a moving construction) usually one simulated insect out of dust in the air
- Attacks air supply with aerosoled micro-dust to cause sneezing
- Attacks with air supply with micro-fine polluting agents such as:  body odors, cigarette ashes, saw dust, car exhaust, perfumes, pheromones (sex smells), food odors. Psychiatry calls this phantosmia or cacosmia, and does not correctly identify the cause of this as being one or more demons.
Partial numbing of arms, fingers
- Causes manifestations in various locations on my body, usually focusing on my head, below the belt private areas, hands / forearms, and feet / lower legs
- Uses my body to express their voices and emotions, usually when I am hurting them with spiritual warfare, praying, praising, worshipping, reading the Holy Bible and preaching the gospel
- Moves a rock into a shoe and under a foot while walking
- Moves a rock under the sole of a shoe to cause the rock to roll under my shoe or my foot to skate on top of the rock
- Moves part of tounge toward sharp edge of broken tooth while talking to cause discomfort
- Causes pain in skin of elbow when pressure is applied by contacting a table top

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A common tactic of demons is making use of ability to read (comprehend) my prethought and respond a split second before my recognition of that thought. And so for example, if I start to wonder about the Holy Spirit giving me the Aaronic blessing, a demon starts saying the words to this blessing. A reason the demon does this is to attempt to deceive me into believing it is the Holy Spirit. And I have learned the hard way, that being deceived by demons can be harmful and costly. They have imitated the Holy Spirit, holy angels and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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The other day, I bought ready to eat cold / refrigerated "hot wings", air tight sealed in its packaging. As I left walking the parking lot, the demon caused me to smell the chicken as though it had been heated up and positioned directly in front of my nose. I felt the warmth of the air with the smell of the hot wings.

Thus, the demon had extracted the smell of the chicken from the container, heated it up, and fed that air into my nose for me to smell. And the demon did this to entice me to eat the chicken without first praying and without waiting for my Holy Spirit to then overtake the demons and give me the Aaronic blessing.

I had no idea any of this was possible until about two years ago.

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The demon has the ability to transport fluid type substances. It just did this to me in a fast food restaurant, moving small amounts of melted icecream from an empty container to my left elbow. It did this while I researched flight tickets to leave South Florida. It chose my left elbow to express its disapproval. It uses the right side of my body to express approval. The demon does this left/right behavior to express its will and causes pain and other manifestations in and about my body in an effort to enforce its will over mine.

Other people have these type of sex demons and don't know it, whether the demons trouble them or not  And other people have these demons and are suffering from their controlling and tormenting nature. They are killer demons.

Please use the Contact page at to offer help or inquire. Thank you.

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While standing at a bus stop alone, a young woman walked up and sat down at the other end of the bench. She then lit a cigar laced with marijuana and smoked it. The demon inside of me promptly used its "power of the air" and brought its smell into my lungs. I packed up my things and left.

The demon even does this with cars passing by, taking smoke from this drug and moving it into my lungs. It has never been enough to noticeably affect me.

And the demon did this to me as I typed this post, from a car passing by. And a few times it grabbed trash smells from the nearby trash can and caused me to smell it at the exact time it wanted to indicate no or disapproval as I typed.

The demon routinely tries to express its will in response to my thoughts, words and actions. And it does so in an attempt to subvert my will, eat my flesh, overtake my body, torment and kill me.

Demons outside of my body "pound the air" making a muffled thud noise in the sky by using "power of the air". I then hear their voice in my mind, and one said something like, "don't put that on the internet". The demon was referring to something I was thinking and/or typing. I also have determined these demons, like the ones inside of me read pre-thought and instantly recognize my thought a split second before I do. And then they respond by speaking a short sentence into my mind, or cause a demon inside of me to manifest.

The witch doctors at the library do the same thing, read my thoughts like the demons, make a noise by striking something, and then I hear that one's voice, or a demon in my body responds causing a sensation. These witch doctors are the enemy's seed and have abilities that exceed others like them who walk the earth. They have offspring with women who are "human" like me.

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The demon(s) inside of me grabs smells nearby and brings them into my nose or also into my lungs. This is called phantosmia and cacosmia. The cure for this is includes casting out the demon(s)

These smells include those from my body and from other people:
- bad breath
- foot and shoe odor
- smells while using a public restroom
- cigarette breath
- cigarette smoke
- marijuana smoke
- pheramones (sex smells)
- perfume
- deoderant

And these smells include smells from nearby:
- cigarette ashes from butt cans
- car exhaust
- saw dust from construction sites
- trash smells from trash cans

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I live a near constant battle with demons. A common occurrence with me is when I wake up from sleeping at night. I wake up with an erection the demon has caused. I have reasoned over time that these demons are parasitic and use my blood to strengthen, to get bigger and procreate or replicate. I either attack the demons with spiritual warfare and walking around, or I busy myself with some other pressing activity. Either defeats the demon's use of blood in my penis.

But then the demons quickly dispatch to their alternative assignments throughout my body. And often their activites are designed to frustrate or terminate what I am doing.

A primary goal for these demons is to keep me from posting on the internet. And they have help from demons that are outside of me and from Satan's servants who walk the earth. Reasons they are after me include:  I have the Holy Spirit, serve the Lord Jesus Christ and am exposing their evil.

Before typing, the demon presented the smell of flowers to my nose causing me to smell it. And then I heard the demon's voice in my mind saying something like, "Do not put anything on the internet." And there are no flowers in sight. The demon totes around smells that it has gathered from things from around me and causes me to smell them when it wants to. A previous smell that it caused me to smell yesterday as an expression of its disapproval of whatever I was thinking, saying or doing was that of human fecal waste. The demon's use of smells like this are a part of its system of behavior modification. It endeavors to change my thinking and behavior, defeat me and my Holy Spirit, eat my flesh, torment and kill me.

One thing the demon consistently tries to do is attack me when I have both hands busy doing something. And many times it does so on the skin of my face, and about my eyes and nose. It frequently attacks me while I am typing on my smartphone, as it is doing at this time. I would liken the sensations it causes to insects crawling on and stinging me. Its not nearly as strong as that right now because the demons are fairly weak right now. However, they are capable of causing extreme pain and torment. If strong enough they often cause me busy work, attending to what they are doing to me about my body. They tie me up from being more productive. In frustration I occasionally call them masters of futz and dink around, as they attempt to interfere or stop what I am doing. Its like having a person inside of me with several hands from head to toe that can accost me with a variety of sensations. I cover in part how I have been combatting these demons at and in this forum.

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One of the most deceptive things the demon does is it makes a partial recording of a demon that speaks out of my mouth. Then a demon plays this recording at a later time so I hear it in my mind. A demon the speaks in my mind sounding like a man saying, "Put this demon on the internet".

The demon does this in an attempt to deceive me into believing it the Holy Spirit. If I follow the direction of the demon, the demon is strengthened against me and the Holy Spirit.

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One of the most deceptive things the demon does is it makes a partial recording of a demon that speaks out of my mouth. Then a demon plays this recording at a later time so I hear it in my mind. A demon then speaks in my mind sounding like a man saying, "Put this demon on the internet".

The demon does this in an attempt to deceive me into believing it the Holy Spirit. If I follow the direction of the demon, it is strengthened against me and the Holy Spirit.

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The demon reorients my perception of directions, North, South, East and West. For example, if one direction is East, the demon somehow switches it to give me the perception it is West.

I am sitting on a bench at a bus stop and reason all four directions. But when I try to visualize (imagine) the directions in my mind, to make a picture in my mind, like where other states are or where the ocean is, the demon works in my mind to prevent me from doing so. The demon does so by causing physical manifestations in my head (neurlogical dizziness) and body (unpleasant sensations).

Demons are evil, damnable enemies.

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For about two years now, at least one of the demons inside of me has demonstrated varying degrees of control over mucus in my nose and sinus areas, ranging from extreme and beyond belief to far less after defending myself using spiritual warfare.

While in Key West, Florida, the demon instantly and completely filled my left sinus with mucus two different times. It chose my left side to communicate "no" in an effort to modify my behavior. And each time I blew it out onto the ground and took pictures. These pictures are the only evidence that I have indicating the demon's extreme behavior and control. The demon had done this to me before about a couple years ago when it also had made me sick. 

Now when the demons attack my upper neck glands to make me sick and produce mucus, I defend myself using spiritual warfare - in the name of Jesus Christ. I know when the demons are attacking because I feel one or both of my upper neck glands becoming enlarged and tender/sore.

When strong enough, the demon routinely blocks breathing through my right nostril by causing a small, thin sheet of dried mucus to appear high in my nasal passage. This requires me to block breathing through my left nostril and blow air out of my right nostril to clear the blockage.  The demon has the ability to transport liquidity substances, and I believe the demon causes this blockage by at least by using witchcraft. The demon does this instantly and timed exactly with my thought, word or action. And it does so to communicate yes or approval with my thought, word or action.

The demon also instantly moves mucus of varying consistencies from my lungs into either nostril to communicate yes when done to my right nostril, and no when done to my left nostril. And the demon does this instantly timed with my thought, spoken word or action.

This is only one part of the demon's system of behavior modification. The demon is evil and has moved mucus instantaneously and other manifestations to my nosr hundreds if not thousands of times. I defend myself in part by carrying a washcloth damped with water day and night.

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The demon has the ability to grab insects in the air and fly them around me in unnatural flight patterns and behaviors. The demon does this to interfere with what I am doing. And the demon can tote at least one insect on me as move about.

Today, I pulled a blanket out of my bag, wrapped it around me and found a honey bee crawling on the blanket near my face, like it was unable to fly. Upon noticing the bee and brushing it away, I heard the demon say in my mind something like, "stop putting things on the internet". I also hear demons that are outside of me throughout the day "pounding the air". After each pound, I hear one of them say in my mind something similar, or I feel a manifestation in my body that a demon inside of me usually does.

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As I sat in a fast food restaurant working on getting a Twitter account to use with my website, the demon kept diverting my attention to the fast paced dialog from the TV in the dining area.

The demon then chose to select the part of the dialog about a drunk woman who was raped in a swimming pool. The demon presented pornographic images or a very brief video in my mind about that part of the dialog. 

And as I typed this post, a small demon attacked me by moving around in my penis causing nerve stimulation. And the demon attacked me by causing blood flow to my penis in an attempt to cause an erection. I stopped these attacks by using spiritual warfare.

The demons then attacked me by causing difusse and localized muscle and arthritic aches and fogginess in my thinking. This was another attempt by the demon to stop me from making this post. Also, one or more demons tapped on surfaces near me. This was not everything that was done in an effort to stop me from posting. Typing, making videos and posting to the internet often is an endurance event while I am attacked by demons in a variety of previously unheard of ways.

And so I will try simplifying my efforts by composing posts with a "voice to text" app and using Twitter to show posts at

Demons are evil, and these are sex demons dispersed throughout my body that are marshalled by a strongman demon, likely a serpent demon.

I have been celibate for about five years. And yet the demons have progressed in their destructive behavior because of witchcraft practiced against me and they have not been cast out.

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While sitting down with my right leg exposed to the cool night air, the demon swirlled cooler ir around my thigh tring to make it cold. I moved my poncho back over that leg which foiled the demon.

The demon has done things like this before, like moving cooler air up and under blankets wrapped around me that moved all the way up to my head. The demon uses power of the air to move the air.

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The demons inside and outside of me are imitators and do so to deceive. One way they imitate is one will speak in my mind as though it was the Holy Spirit. One will do this while waiting for the Holy Spirit to give me the Aaronic blessing. And the other day a demon spoke to me soon after waking up imitating the Holy Spirit telling me a prophesy, and that I was to put it on the internet to warn others. The demons inside and outside of me and some of Satan's servants rape my mind with their thoughts and practice witchcraft against me trying to control what I put or don't put on the internet. The witchcraft stregthens the demons inside of me, and they do this to help the demons impose their will over mine, eat my flesh, torture and kill me.