Topic: Witchcraft at the Laundromat

I am now doing laundry at a big, new laundromat. Upon walking by the place a customer within the place stared at me indicating he was doing some kind of evil. The expression on his face was one of looking at a mortal enemy who is trespassing on his property. And it was a frozen, motionless stare indicating he likely is reptilian in holographic disguise and is reading my thoughts of the past few minutes, unknown how long.

And while doing laundry, I hear from different locations strikes being made on hard surfaces, such as a counter or table top. Each sound was followed by some manifestation in my body or a strengthening of an existing one that demons inside of me caused.This is the same type of behavior that was done against me in a library on the other coast of the United States.

I combatted the witchcraft with spiritual warfare, which toned down the demonic attacks against me. Witchcraft is still being practiced against me as I type, but the effect now is so minor, I was able to type this post and do laundry.