Topic: They Look Like Humans

Those who look like humans but do not fit the scientific or medical definition of a human, walk the earth today, and many of them knowingly have children with those who are human.  This type of thing is nothing new and dates back to the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible.

I am a human as science and medicine defines a human.  And I am a "wheat" as defined in the parable of the wheat and tares.  And I see evidence every day in my daily living around those who look human that indicates many of them are not human. They are "tares" or in my words "imitation people" (imitation humans). 

There are different ways that I use or could use to tell the difference between them and humans.  One way that I use is preaching main tenants of the gospel and observing how others respond.  I have learned to look for "tell tale" signs whether I am preaching or not. 

It would be best for me to communicate these skills that I have acquired with a brother in Christ willing to serve the Lord in some capacity along with me.  Please use the contact page at to inquire.  But I also will try writing some of this out and/or make a video.

Re: They Look Like Humans

I often recognize physical characteristics of those walking the earth that indicate they likely are not scientifically, medically human.

One is a large head which is indicates giantism. And they may also have a large body. Giantism came from the offspring of angels and human women, as written in the book of Genesis.

Another is features that come from demons having offspring. They have a slender body with an overly large  head. I have found them being described as lolipop people.

Also I notice many walking the earth have large eyes. This a trait of demons. And another is having part of the back top of the skull protrude. A fashion accessory to keep this from being noticed looks similar to a sock cap, which also may hold personal care items. But I've seen others not wearing anything to conceal the protrusion.

Hieroglyphics shows beings with "cone" shaped or elongated skulls. This comes from demonic and/or angelic offspring, perhaps a hybrid with women. The demon inside of me interferred with my smartphone while typing this and said in my mind something like, "don't put this on the internet".

I have made more observations than this. However, my point is, at the least, science, medicine and psychiatry are covering up the polution of the gene pool as the Holy Bible indicates. Man is not created equal. Please see my video: