Topic: How I Identify Witchcraft Being Practiced

I have found different ways to identify witchcraft being practiced and have found it is practiced in different ways.

One common way that I see practically every day is they do it in passing. For example, this just happened to me. I am in a city that I rarely visit, at a fast food restaurant. I walked from the counter with a tray of food. And a woman walked by me in the opposite direction. When she was nearest to me, she turned her head toward me and leaned her upper body closer to me as she kept walking. She did this because witchcraft works better when done closer to their target. To look at this from a third person's perspective, it may have looked like this woman had simply said something quietly to me as we passed each other, which is inappropriate in itself. But instead she said nothing and likely thought something evil or otherwise delivered a dose of witchcraft against me. I immediately recognized it and forbade it in the name of Jesus Christ. Forbidding this evil can be done by thinking or speaking. I spoke out loud, "I forbid that evil in the name of Jesus Christ." I know this woman practiced witchcraft or some evil against me because I have seen this behavior many times from many people in different states and cities. And, I have felt the results of this behavior. It strengthens the demons inside of me, which then hurts me in various ways. Witchcraft and demons go hand in hand.

Quoted from 1 Corinthians 10:21 (NIV)
"You cannot drink from the cup of the Lord and from the cup of demons."

There are many who without closer inspection look like humans who drink from the cup of demons; they are the seed of the enemy. They practice evil such as witchcraft, sorcery, voodoo, etc., and they do so with murderous intent.

Re: How I Identify Witchcraft Being Practiced

This is what they do to practice witchcraft against me. I sometimes know they are attacking me because witchcraft strengthens demons inside of me which in turn become more active in attacking me. Other times I recognize witchcraft by their behavior.

They walk behind and track me, without intent of walking past me. Yesterday I started walking on the right side of a sidewalk. I soon noticed a woman following close behind me. I immediately stood to the far right of the sidewalk, faced to the right, away from the sidewalk and waited for this woman to pass by and get away from me. Upon coming near me, the woman cursed me with profanity. I just waited for her to walk away. It seemed she was upset that I foiled her effort to practice witchcraft.

They practice witchcraft while I am stationary and they are passing by, walking or riding a bicycle. They do so when they are closest to me.

They walk up to the area that I am in, sit or stand, and practice witchcraft. This distance varies. They want to be closer than farther away, but they seem not to want to raise suspicion and chase me away. They assume positions around me in an effort to not look obvious. I sometimes find them practicing witchcraft from behind me. I have found practitioners in church sit somewhere behind whoever they are attacking.

When sitting at a bus stop, they sit next to me to practice witchcraft.

I have noticed by far most are not talking when practicing witchcraft.

I have noticed witchcraft practioners do not like being found out, effort to not be found out, cease what they are doing, and may leave when identified as practicing witchcraft. They have no other reason to be around me, and so the leave.

I have been under attack by demons inside and outside of me while typing this post from my smartphone.