Topic: Predators Prowling the Entrance of a Major Attraction

When approaching the intersection to the entrance of a major city attraction, I looked at a man standing at one of the corners, and profiled him to likely be Satan's servant. I continued watching him as he crossed streets three times at this intersection, now standing at the 4th corner near me. He stood there like he was going to cross back to where I first saw him, but he kept waiting there as the lights changed. I concluded he was near me to do evil, so I crossed the street.

Now walking away from that intersection, I looked at a male laying as if asleep several yards away. I looked at him in an effort to profile him. He quickly responded to my looking at him, roused from his sleeping position and looked at me. I have identified this ability of sensing that someone is looking at them to be mean they are reptilian, a reptile looking being that walks with two legs and is disguised as a human with advanced holographic technology.

I observe Satan's servants practically every day. They work for the same master regardless of race, age, sex, creed, etc. A common ability the have is to hear the thoughts of others. I have seen them communicating by thought many times. I am 100% certain.