Topic: Moving to a Northern City from South Florida

I am trying to find a city up North to move to for cooler and better weather. I am searching and reading on the internet. And I read many cities are taking steps toward criminalizing homelessness. I support myself from my retirement income, so I have it better than many. I would prefer renting a tiny camper that is separated from neighbors, because I am targeted by Satan's servants for witchcraft attacks.

All past group living for the past 5+ years have been witchcraft havens. America is the land of witchcraft, and I reason this is the case around the world, Satan's kingdom. I first became aware of being under attack in 2011 and from witchcraft more recently. Since 2011 I have been in veterans assisted permanent housing, transitional housing, another apartment, homeless shelters, weekly rentals, motels, room rentals in houses, and on the street in different states and cities. 

I have been aware of being under attack by Satan's servants in various ways since 2011, and more recently aware of being attacked with witchcraft. I am living homeless now because I have more control over getting away from witchcraft, where witchcraft is a predictable built in given with other housing options. Witchcraft is the big hidden secret weapon by Satan's servants, and they use propinquity (being near) to maximize its effectiveness.

Re: Moving to a Northern City from South Florida

Still looking for a location to move to. Now I am stuck in rainy weather, wishing I had left sooner.

Re: Moving to a Northern City from South Florida

Instead of up North, I am now in Southern California.