Topic: They Sense Being Looked at and Respond

While not looking at you, a reptilian can immediately sense you are looking at them. They are two legged, upright walking reptile looking creatures, disguised as a humans with advanced holographic technology.

This happened to me minutes ago. I was standing at a bus stop shelter alone at about 2:00 A.M., facing away from the sidewalk. I heard someone walk past me on the sidewalk. I waited a few seconds, turned and saw what looked like a man about ten yards away, who upon me seeing him immediately turned and looked at me while still walking and said, "good morning". I turned back toward the bus shelter and said, "Jesus Christ is Lord." The reptilian continued walking away. The tone of the reptilian's "good morning" was polite and as if nothing was being done out of the ordinary. My response was of disinterest, immediately recognizing this was a reptilian and that there was no good in his greeting. His behavior was premeditated and designed to intimidate and see how I would respond. And, this was a divide and conquer strategy; I am alone with no witness. And I have been alone for the most part of five years seeing a lot of this type of thing and much stranger than this.

Other reptilians that have responded to my looking at them, did so with varying responses. Some demonstrated being extremely sensitive and distressed by me or others looking at them. Others simply looked back at me.

While typing this on my smartphone, I pestered by demons inside of me cause afflictions about my body, including my eyes, while demons outside of me "pound the air" at a far distance, strengthening the demons inside of me with witchcraft.

I need help combatting these attacks, casting these demons out, and getting important information onto the internet. I can be contacted at