Topic: I Stuggle to Make Entries on the Internet

A huge dynamic in my battle with these killer sex demons is being able to make entries on the internet without the demon gaining the ability to stop me from doing so at any time. The demons behave as a coordinated unit, like a pack of wolves. And so I often refer to them as demon, singular. The demon gains strength and is quickly emboldened by stopping me from putting things on the internet.

This has been a terrible struggle for me, as these demons are masters of interference. They attempt to manifest all about my body in an interacting manner with whatever I think, say or do. Some notable locations for a variety of manifestations are: on the suface of my eyes, eyelids, eyebrows, eye ducts, outer corner of each eye, my nostrils, septum, nose, about my face, in my ears near my ear drums, in either side of my genitals in the crotch, anywhere on my genitals, the area between my genitals and anus, around and inside my anus, on my buttocks, my feet, ankles, backs of my hands, and forearms.

The stronger the demon is, the more it is able to manifest, and the stronger the manifestations are. And this isn't the everything the demon is capable of doing.