Topic: Males Demonstrated Ability to Travel Extremely Fast

While sleeping homeless on a bench in South Florida one night, I was woken by a young male who had pushed my knee quickly. He did this like one would try to move an object that was on fire with their hand, a quick hard flick. I immediately woke up and noticed he had quickly stepped away as if concerned about how I may respond. He then asked for directions to a location that I later determined, after being more awake, did not exist. I gave him directions consistent with my location and one of the streets he named. He then walked away to my left and turned left at the corner nearby. I dismissed the event and thought of this male as a curious being, scientifically, medically not human, and I laid back down.

And then within about a minute, he showed up again, arriving from my right on the sidewalk as though he had been traveling fast and had to slow down to walk and stop in front of me. He walked around a little as though he had an abundance of energy, like a race horse, looked at me at some point and walked off without speaking. I recognized upon his second appearance, he had demonstrated his ability to travel at a high rate of speed, greater than humanly possible, and possibly around the entire city block.

I have witnessed this behavior of traveling faster than humanly possible before. Once I was standing in front of a store in daylight and a male appeared walking by me. Prior to seeing him, I heard a quiet "woosh" of air, indicating his prior high rate of speed. I concluded he had just slowed down from traveling faster than humanly possible. Another time at the same location, I witnessed a male, possibly the same one, start walking in a straight line from near me, speed up very quickly and disappear, traveling faster than I could detect by sight in clear daylight.

And the first time that I ever saw someone speedwalk faster than humanly possible was in Nevada. I once saw a male speedwalk at dawn one morning from a bar to the next traffic light. I watched him from across a four lane street make three quick bursts of travel, slowing twice very briefly when I could see he was walking, and speeding up very quickly. Each burst of travel appeared as a blur with a faded / blured trail following. I estmate he traveled this distance in about two seconds. Had he not slowed twice to take a few steps total, I estimate he would have covered this distance in under one second.

I had seen this speedwalking behavior represented on TV while changing channels once, probably a vampire show, and thought nothing about it possibly being real. And I recall more recently reading on the internet about this behavior being associated with vampires.

I now believe the lust to consume blood originated with the birth of giants as accounted for in the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible. Angels fell from their station, where the Lord had assigned them to watch, and had children with human women. And they were giants with a lust for human blood. The mixing of these giants with humans over time has obscured their continued existence. Also the seed of the enemy, Satan, that populates much of the earth obscures this and other realities through healthcare, doctors, optomitrists, psychiatrists, psychologists, education, government, etc.

It is written in the Holy Bible, Revelation 20:10 (KJV):
And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

Can those who are not scientifically, medically human be identified as diffent than humans - those who are as science and medicine define as human? Yes. I can be reached through the Contact page of my website