Topic: They See I am Not Their Own Kind and Discriminate

This is just one example. I board transportation for which I must have a valid pass. I already validated my pass before boarding, as required. The official who checks passes to see if they are valid, has a hand held validator which he ordinarly would use once the doors are shut and we're moving. But this man singled me out separate from all other passengers, asked me to step out, I gave him my pass to check, and he did not check it with his hand held scanner, but checked it with an outdoor stationary scanner. He checked it once, and it passed. He checked it again the same way and it did not pass. He then told me in effect my pass was not valid. I told him it showed that it did not pass because he scanned it twice (which it will always fail if immediately tapped again as he did). He then knew that I had foiled his attempt to discriminate and prevent me from boarding. And so I got back on. Once in motion he entered, commented that he already checked me, and proceeded to check the other passengers.