Topic: Satan's Servants Call Them Aliens

There are no aliens. There are only those accounted for in the Holy Bible. The offspring of Satan, angels who fell from their station, and demons walk the earth, have use of advanced technology, and have had children with human women for thousands of years.

Those who do not fit the scientific, medical description of a human are still having children with those who are scientifically, medically human.

Pleiadian nordic alians is a phrase that I found on YouTube being used to describe tall, blond aliens. They are offspring as described above.

The Holy Bible records the offspring of angels who fell from their station were giants. Traits of giantism, also known as gigantism, exists in many who walk the earth today because of this event.

This post is not a complete account. It is meant to get your attention, and lead you away from being deceived even worse.