Topic: Two Males Approached While I Slept on a Bench

It looks close to a full moon and before 3:00 A.M., while sleeping on a bench adjoined to a sidewalk as a homeless man, two males approached from behind. One kept talking in a side show kind of voice, as if the type who never stops talking. And the other looked like a young looking man, stood silent just looking at his smartphone. I woke up because of the talking. Then the talking one made a noise on a structure right behind me as if to indicate his presence.

I got up and walked away to look back a few minutes later and found neither man still at that location. They may have been vampires and walked away faster than sight. These two had done a similar stunt a day or two earlier. They showed up again tonight in similar fashion to practice witchcraft and inconvenience me. They knew that I already knew they were there to practice witchcraft because I foiled their last attempt by walking away.

Normally anyone approaching to practice witchcraft would be quiet, but the one male seemed the type to never stop talking. I have learned this type is one of Satan's higher servants, likely a shapeshifter who predates and eats humans (or at least drinks blood). This is the type that if confronted where I would not want want to or could not give up my location, I would do best to preach the gospel and possibly invoke the name of Jesus Christ, as I have seen from experience that doing so can be an effective defense from the presence of some of these types. I chose not to make a stand at that location as it is not my own, and it was easier to diffuse this by walking to another bench.