Topic: Physically Combatting Demons

One way I physically combat demons is to position my duffle bag on my lower back, bend over at the waste a bit, and bounce up and down (using my legs). My bag weighs about 20 pounds and works well for this. And while bouncing, I arch my back in varying degrees, "in" (like a horse's back) and "out" (like a fightened cat's back). This stretches out my back muscles and loosens the grip the demons have on them.

This can be done separate from verbal spiritual warfare, or in addition to it. Start spiritual warfare before bouncing and continue between breaks from bouncing and again at the end. Then praise the Lord when done for the destruction of the demons' will.

It is written in the Holy Bible of the Lord Jesus Christ saying, "The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." (ESV)

Re: Physically Combatting Demons

Another way that I combat the demons is to position my duffle bag on my lower back, bend over at the waste, and bounce up and down, bending my knees. I arch my back in like a horse's back and out like a frightened cat's back while bouncing. This loosens the tightness in my back particularly along my spine that the demons have caused. It is very effective from upper-mid to lower back. My duffle bag weighs about 20 pounds.

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