Topic: Preaching Main Tenants of the Gospel on Public Buses

Today while riding a public bus, two Catholic nuns sat in the seats in front of me. I preached main tenants of the gospel for over 5 minutes at a volume and tone that was loud enough for them to hear but likely not loud enough for those sitting in front of them to clearly hear. The distance of my mouth to their ears was about 2 feet. Other passengers in front of them were engaged in continuous conversation while a baby babbled.

The nuns remained silent the whole time that I was on the bus. They did not in any way acknowledge my preaching or even that I referred to the Holy Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ. Each nun gave one slight nonverbal movement while I preached, mildly indicating their discomfort or disapproval of my preaching. Other than that, they gave no indication that I had said a word.