Topic: Witchcraft Practiced at a Fastfood Restaurant and the Homeless

I have found this to be common in many fast food restaurants. The homeless frequently hang around, whether a paying customer or not.

The main servant of Satan where I just ordered food is sitting outdoors at a table facing the main entrance with a drink that is not sold at this fast food restaurant. This male immediately picked up his things and walked away as soon as I identified him by typing the previous sentence. He was hearing my thoughts as I typed.

I identified this male as the top servant of Satan at this location by this. 1) He was posted near the high foot traffic area so he could best monitor and hurt the most number of people with more effect by being near. Witchcraft practitioners want to be close to their targets to cause greater harm. 2) He was not a paying customer. 3) He did not look homeless, but homeless males were either talking to him verbally or by thought as they glanced at him as they passed by. 4) The nonverbal cues that I observed from this male and the others indicated he was the one with authority.

As I typed this, demons that are outside of me and seemingly above this building pounded the air and / or the upper structure of this restaurant with what sounded like concussions, muffled booms. I don't know if anyone else noticed. Each boom was immediately followed by 1) hearing a demanding male voice (an external demon) in my head saying something to get me to stop typing, or 2) one or more demons inside of me causing a sensation in by body. Both were attempts to get me to not post this entry to the internet.