Topic: Satan's Servant Bothers Me at a Rental Computer

I was using a rental P.C. today at a business that charges over $20 per hour to use. I was the only one there with about 6 other computer stations not being used. A young man quickly came in fitting a profile of Satan's servant, moving with hurried movements as though irritated and in a rush. He sat down beside me like doing so was a sporting event, cursed out loud for no apparent reason. Then, he got up and as he passed behind me to sit at the computer on the other side of me, he leaned over as though trying to see what's on my computer monitor. He sat down on the other side of me and only looked at his smartphone. At that point he likely was practicing witchcraft. I left.

Satan's servants do not want me on the internet because I already have posted information that is damaging to Satan's kingdom, and they don't want me to continue.

A believer providing me internet access without witchcraft interference could be a huge improvement over my current difficulties.