Topic: Why People Have Strange or Unwanted Dreams

Some of Satan's Servants Use a Flat Black Vehicle to Park Near You has been uploaded to YouTube at

Edited Jul 31, 2017
Some of Satan's servants are responsible for people having strange or unwanted dreams. Some use a vehicle that is painted flat black so it reflects less light and thus allows them to better park near a residence without being detected. Not all of them will drive a black vehicle. They likely will come within 40 yards and want to get near to where a person is sleeping. If outside of the person's residence, they may even stand close to a bedroom window.

Those who do this are not scientifically, medically human, and it is possible to determine this. They may change shape while near you. They want to interact with your dream state, R.E.M., rapid eye movement (when you dream). They could be anyone, such as a spouse, a neighbor, or a stranger. They may travel by foot, bicycle, moped, car, truck, etc.