Topic: They Look Through Solid Objects

After shopping, I stood outside behind a tall store front support structure for shade and looking toward the parking lot. And I saw a man walk by on the other side of this structure just a few feet from me. And as the man walked by this structure, I saw he already was looking my general direction before getting past this structure. He was looking through this solid structure. I was already looking in the direction where I watched him walk past this structure. He was focusing on an area a few feet to my left, where there was nothing to see there but the wall of the store. The expression on his face was serious and singleminded, and as if he had only known being at the top of the food chain, but now he was seeing something new, an intruder. He was seeing my Holy Spirit. He glanced at me without changing his expression. I have observed others seeing my Holy Spirit many times before. 

Re: They Look Through Solid Objects

While walking out of a big store at the exit pushing my rollator packed with my things, a male employee came over and looked at it for about 3 seconds. He was visually scanning my things, seeing through solid objects. I had no purchases or receipt for him to check. I had used the store's fast food restaurant.

A similar thing happened in another state. I had purchases in a bag with a receipt. An employee was checking receipts as customers left. But the employee instead didn't look in my bag and looked at my duffle bag for a couple seconds. She was visually scanning my belongings, seeing through solid objects.

This can be understood from the Holy Bible. Cartoons heroes reflect those who walk the earth imitating humans. All men are not created equal.

Re: They Look Through Solid Objects

At about 2:00 A.M.this morning, I watched a male adult ride a skateboard down hill on a 4 lane road at about 25 mph and turn left through a red stop light.

There was a building on his right completely blocking his view of traffic from the right. I watched him not turn his head to the right to check for traffic. He could easily see there was no traffic from the left.

I conclude he aleady had determined there was no traffic by looking through the building.