Topic: Two Men with a Garbage Truck Use Thought to Communicate

This morning I watched two men with a garbage truck empty a dumpster into the truck. At the conclusion of doing so, the man on the ground did an observable behavior that otherwise is not commonly done. He looked at the man in the truck with a fixed stare for about one second without any other effort made to communicate to him. He obviously communicated his thought to him. Prior to and after communicating his thought, he used his voice or waving movements with an arm to communicate with the driver.

If you do not look for this obvious indicator of thought transmission, you will not see it being done. [ The sender of their thought turns their face toward the intended receiver. ] The two may even be facing each other while communicating their thoughts. The receiver of another's thought does not need to be facing the receiver. Also look for non-verbal cues of the sender and receiver of thoughts. They are so used to using thought transmission (telepathy) and not being found out, I often find it easy to see. And I see it done practically every day. Start looking.

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