Topic: Forbid Evil in the Name of Jesus Christ

I have used this and successfully disarmed or prevented evil (witchcraft or voodoo) from hurting me.

Example 1:
A person walks or rides a bicycle by me (usually on a sidewalk) and looks in my direction - just as the person is about to pass me or as the person passes me.  I know this is the practice of evil (witchcraft or voodoo) because I have seen so much of it and felt its harmful effects - the strengthening of demons inside of me.  I usually notice a person doing this with my peripheral vision, instead of looking directly at them.  If walking, I keep walking and immediately point my finger to my left or right (the side the person passed me) and say something like the following. "I forbid that evil - in the name of Jesus."  Or, "In the name of Jesus Christ, I forbid that evil (from harming me).

Example 2: 
I was staying in a motel, and I could hear someone walking (prancing, scuffing his feet into the carpet) back and forth across the floor in the room above me in a rhythmic way that reminded me of a witch doctor prancing around in a western movie that I had seen years ago.  I previously had experienced very strange and unwanted symptoms from having this been done while I slept.  Then this person started doing this in the day time.  And so standing up, I pointed to where I was hearing him prancing and declared something like the following.  "In the name of Jesus Christ, I forbid this from hurting me."  The person stopped what he was doing a few minutes later.