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Areas of Protection from Witchcraft

Areas of protection are needed for those being adversely affected by witchcraft. The need for this is great since the practice of witchcraft is so prevalent and harmful to those affected.

I have determined a safe estimate of the maximum effective range of practitioners of witchcraft to be no more than 150 yards. And, I have determined some to be extremely motivated to being: within range, not being caught, as near as possible, and practicing their harmful evil without regard to law.

Thus, I suggest a protected area have a secured perimeter of at least 150 yards in every direction as measured from the perimeter of the habitable area within the protected area. A distance greater than this may be even more beneficial, but I currently have no experience that determines this.

Also, I have determined a process of identifying witchcraft practitioners, which involves use of scripture from the Holy Bible and other means. Use of this identification process would be needed to screen out witchcraft practitioners from gaining access to a protected area.

Please use the contact page to express your interest in:
- providing use of property as an area of protection,
- assisting with this initiative in any other way,
- or receiving help from within an area of protection.

Posted September 4, 2016 - Updated September 5, 2016
A temporary alternative to a habitable area on land for protection from witchcraft could be the use of a pontoon, houseboat or similar water craft on body of water.  This could work well provided a sufficient distance is maintained from all others using water craft.

Posted September 21, 2016