Topic: Using the Sword of the Spirit

Here are a few notes I made to help those who would engage in spiritual warfare, using the sword of the Spirit.

1. Prepare for battle before things get rough, and prepare for things to get rough -  whether battling demons inside of you or helping someone else.  Demons have been around battling and doing evil far longer than you have been fighting them.  They are already to be evil and do harm. 

2. Say, "It is written" before quoting scripture.

3. Memorize the verse or the part of the verse that you will be using.   Learn using it by saying it out loud as you would in actual spirtual battle.  So for example, if learning to use the word "stop" (not scripture), say the word as though you are commanding an opponent to STOP!

4. Learn scripture or parts of verses that will work best.  Learn the best order to use them.  Learn how to respond to your opponent's efforts. See my videos and audio recordings.  Join the forum.

5. Hold, stand firm on your command and believe.  Don't wonder if this is working or turn away from the battle.  Your opponent will know which you are doing.

6. Don't shy away from emphasising and repeating emphasised words.  For example, "It is written, "He gave them power and authority over all demons.""  Hold, and then say, "power and authority" to re-emphasise.  This is like thrusting a sword into the opponent, holding it there, and then jabbing it in further to cause maximum damage.

7. If you find yourself interacting with one or more demons, for example they are speaking, lead with "take charge" authority and confidence.  Do not let the demon(s) lead the direction of the engagement.  They will war to weaken what you are doing to them.