Topic: I See This Practically Every Day

You should be able to see this for yourself, if you look for it.  Many who look human, as science and medicine defines a human, are doing this "non-human" behavior.  They communicate to each other by thought; they think their thoughts to each other.  And, they also are not like me in that they can hear the thoughts of those like me. 

One reason for this forum is to provide interaction and support for those tramatized by this reality, a cover-up by Satan and his followers.

Re: I See This Practically Every Day

I see this behavior practically every day.  People are communicating to each other with their thoughts, telepathy. I see them turn their head toward the person they want to hear their thought, and then I occasionally see the person receiving the thought pause to listen to the thought they are receiving.

And they hear the thoughts of people like me in their mind. I have confirmed this many times in different ways over the past few years. Watch what people are doing, and you can see this for yourself.

The cause of this is, in my words, the polution of the world by Satan.  See the parable of the wheat and tares.